About the Course


The course aims at helping students to develop basic understanding of the widely-used language teaching methods and to develop basic language teaching skills. Students develop the basic understanding of language teaching methods by learning what the nature of language and language learning is and how it is translated into language teaching design and procedures. Students develop their basic language teaching skills by practicing the language teaching procedures in the classroom through peer teaching.


Learning Tasks

  1. Choose a group of students (one class of your own). Take one basic competence (BC) from the curriculum and focus on a specific functional skill, short functional text, or text type, for example ‘expressing feeling’, announcement, or ‘recount’.
  2. Based on the learning needs you have found in No.2, formulate detailed indicators and learning objectives to achieve.
  3. Based on the indicators and learning objectives, develop learning activities utilizing teaching techniques of language learning approach and methods you have learned.
  4. Analyze your students’ characteristics (motivation; participation or engagement in learning activities; their abilities in their skills: speaking, listening, reading, or writing, and their language elements: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling; their learning interest on topics and learning activities; level of language proficiency, etc.). Based on your analysis, determine specific skill and subsequence skills (macro and micro) your students need to improve (learning needs).